About Us

Feather World is a supplier of bedding such as pillows, bolsters, blankets. Made from the best quality goose feathers that are done by experts and processed with LH (Lorch-Germany) technology.

Feather World can follow the anatomy of the body, especially the neck, can also adjust the temperature, warm when the temperature is cold and vice versa will cool when the temperature is hot. Feather World is the right solution for those of you who have trouble sleeping because of the elastic and flexible nature of goose feathers, which are durable, strong, and don't collapse quickly.

Feather World products have been sterilized, anti-bacterial, germs, fungal, and anti-allergenic (Hypo allergenic) in their use. All Feather World products are made of goose feathers, including: Pillows, Bolsters, Quilts, and Featherbeds.