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Feather World

Adjustable Pillow 70% Goose Down

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• Composition : 70% Down (Smoothness Level 70%)

• Composition Weight : 400g * 3 Pillows = 1200g Total

• Outer Fabric Material : 233TC (double layer) 100% Downproof Cotton

• Size : 50x70

For every purchase of Adjustable Pillow you will get 3 pillows in 1 Feather World special cover. To adjust the softness of the adjustable pillow, simply remove one of the pillows in the adjustable pillow case. if you feel it is not soft, then put the pillow back in to adjust to the standard of softness you want. ideal sleeping comfort is in your hands

Washing & Care Instructions

Down bedding can be machine washed or drycleaned. because this is an organic material and has an odor, for drying it is mandatory to use a tumble dry to dry thoroughly and not cause an unpleasant aroma.

The first action when receiving the product:
Aerated back and forth first under the AC or fan for 1-2 days so that the down/feather expands and the smell of the down/feather subsides.