Down Pillow vs Feather Pillow

Down and feathers are both used to fill pillows. You can have a pillow with all down, all feather, or a blend of feather and down. What your pillow is filled with can make a big difference in the feel and comfort of one of the most important items that affects the quality of your sleep, your pillow.


A Down Pillow


A down pillow is resilient yet supportive with it's soft and "bouncy" clusters. Down pillows come in different firmness levels - choosing the right firmness, based on your sleeping style, is important to help assure a comfortable sleep.

The down in a good down pillow does not have quills like feathers have. A down pillow will mold to your every curve, providing gentle yet complete support. A good down pillow can be expected to last about 5 years or so, perhaps longer with proper care.

Down is a soft 3 dimensional cluster that comes in different sizes, or fill powers. There are no quills to worry about. Just soft cushiony goodness.


HyperDry 850 Goose Down 3 oz. | DutchWare Gear
A Goose Down Cluster


A Feather Pillow


A feather filled pillow, or a pillow filled with a blend of down and feather, is going to be relatively flatter and have a harder packed feel, compared to a down pillow.

Feathers have quills that may try to poke you. Better quality feather pillows will use the curved body feathers that have a bit of spring. Lesser quality feather pillows will use very inexpensive chopped flight feathers. A quality feather pillow can also last for years with proper care.


image of a body feather
A Curved Springy Body Feather

image of a chopped flight feather
A Chopped Flight Feather



Which is Better, a Down Pillow or a Feather Pillow?


For someone looking for a softer, more luxurious sleeping experience, a down pillow is something you should consider. A down pillow will be softer, or more "cushiony" compared to a feather pillow. A down pillow will mold to your head, neck and shoulders, providing cloud like support.

A feather or feather blend pillow will be flatter and harder compared to a good down pillow. A feather pillow will not mold to your head but rather give you a sturdier place to lay your head. Feather pillows are less expensive compared to down pillows, and if you prefer a firmer more hard packed feel, a feather pillow might just be the best choice for you.